Micro Intersection


The incident time is the night after the trip of Hsinchu. What happened? The night I just invited a friend called Din(another fat man in my life?) to go to grass at the Mucha.

In fact, every detail we had discussed were done before going to sleep. However, Din suddenly informed a coupon about accommodation that decreases $1500 NTD from bills. I felt so excited at the news of this, and I couldn’t help that Google somewhere to stay a night immediately.

After a series of intense casual discussion, we finally decided Taoyuan, next to Taipei, for our visitation place and for my next trip. When we searched which hotels we could reserve, at this moment, an accident happened. I saw the time showing 4 a.m., and PoPo sent a picture from messager to group. It’s unbelievable that there still were people waking at that time.

So I took advantage of this opportunity to invite her joining us to have a two days trips and told her the reason why we changed the destination just mentioned. What is worth to happy is that she makes no difficulty in this invitation. She immediately promised to join us!


The first day, we played a city riddle game that contains 3-6 hours of game content, but no one considered we could solve the riddle in 6 hours time limit.

The game information:

Official website: http://riddlecity.cc/

Game name: 尖山陶寶

In order to solve the difficult problem in the mission, we suffered from painful thinking and the wind that really chilled me to the bone. I think this riddle definitely difficult, wishing somebody else to experience it by themselves. I don’t wanna spoil the game.

After our perfect teamwork, we had done the riddle in 9 hours! Yes, we did it from day to night before 10 p.m.! It tested the IQ of our team and we passed it easily.


The price of which hotel we stayed is under $1500 NTD, so we could accommodate here for one night without any payment. In the beginning, we wondered why it is so cheap that it could have some hidden problems that we don’t know. Nevertheless, after we checking in the hotel and entering the room, comfortable feeling hugged me. Really worth the money to me ( in fact didn’t pay anything).

No interesting things happened this night, nevertheless, a weird thing happened. I used to expose my hand outside the quilt when sleeping, and I think it’s not a strange habit, right? Before we falling sleep, I was chatting with DinDin.

He asked me: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m sleeping! And you?”

He replied: “feeling your hand with my hand.” and suddenly did a so perverted behavior as he just said.

WTF he just doing. Due to this accident, I can threaten him by pushing the behavior publicly. (In fact, even if there is no threat, I am still open and honest to tell everyone.)


The second day, we decided to go to Daxi without any trip preparation. That is, we have no idea where we should arrive on time. But I think it’s not a problem, we are still the student and young, that young is the money that can be wasted!

Because it costs our lots of time to take a bus here, we called a Uber for early arrival. From Taoyuan station to Daxi only half an hour.

Daxi Old Street

Okay, I don’t know why always a quiet town without much business entertainment comes to our eyes when we visit an old street with many visitors theoretically every time. (Beipu Old Street is the same situation) There are abundant historic buildings combined with the Japanese-style exterior and sculpture decorations. We slowly looked around these architectures and facilities including Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, Daxi Butokuden and so on. Even Sumo field!

We wandered around the street with Ubike. Originally wanting to go to Cihu, we considered it might make we too tired to keep going other sightseeing spots due to its position. We chose to go to someplace nearby like Moon eye trail and Teng-fang Lee’s ancient house with Ubike. Leisurely riding the bicycle, what comes into view is a wide field and country road.

Without some magnificent spectacles spreading itself out before the eyes of mine, I drank in the beauty of the peaceful landscape. Thank god for giving me such excellent weather for our trip. The blue full the whole sky, the fingers of sunshine, always tendering years, always amazing time. I’m glad to be here when young with you guys.

Then, we back to Jongli Station to have dinner and went home to finish this trip.

Life, I like the most is when I open my eyes in the morning, you and sunshine all in.