Double feelings here we go

I had been low-spirited for a few days. Due to some upset things making me feel like a useless person, I tried to get rid of it by tripping somewhere.

I think that as long as I have an excellent travel experience, I could have a better effect on improving my mussy mood. So, I invited some friends without the slightest hesitancy to hang out with me.


Maybe it’s a mistake or a miracle that I got an unexpected message from a friend who goes back a long way with me. Perhaps it’s not a long time for others, but 7-years is a great ordeal for my friendships. That means we have met each other for 7 years, and still have good communication now.

Let me shortly introduce this guy. Following the article, I would call him “FATJA”. There’s always a fat guy in the story, right? I sincerely believe that he is the guy in my whole life, although he is getting thinner and thinner when I see him every time. Have you ever some friends that in spite of that we’ve been out of touch too long for our personal purpose, we still talk about anything as usual? He is that kind of friend of mine.

Coming back to the topic, it’s the day night after Pingxi trip. I got a message from FATJA, which said “it’s been a long time since I saw you last time.”. And later, yep, we got a deal that I come to his city to be a tourist and he come up with some funny place that we can visit.

One key for me to do the visit is he would take his uncle’s pet called “Kuro” in Japanese, an 11-year-old Border collie, to follow us from Taoyuan. Such a big dog!

Another key is that because our destination is Hsinchu(OMG! Till now I find its name same as my English name!), it occurred to me that I can invite my university friend called “PoPo” who is studying in NCTU currently. With an awkward mood, I sent my invitation that I ask her to join us via messenger. Actually, I really thought that I would be rejected at that time, but the reality is contrary to what I thought! Yes, she said “yes”. So lucky I am! Although this time is only one day long, I was excited to look forward to seeing the day coming!

Beipu Old Street

On the day, we first took breakfast and headed to Beipu Old Street where is rich in Hakka culture. It’s surprising there were not many people on Saturday morning. FATJA’s friend recommended we could experience a culture named Hakka Lei-cha, which we should grind many materials including peanuts, sesame, tea into the grease. At the beginning we really thought it’s a relaxed task, we ground so slowly that shopkeeper asked that we have to speed up our pace. We were aware that it’s such a difficult and tired job!

After 2 hours!!! We had finally done this job and had drunk this fucking drinks! I have to say that drink very intoxicating, but the pre-work is making me exhausted.

Hsinchu grassland

Ok, after Beipu Old Steet, we were going to walking the dog, Kuro, at next place Hsinchu grassland.

There is a 54-meters slippery, which attracts lots of people to visit for pleasure. But what really let me enjoy is the large grassland like the photo above.

Let’s get away from the hustle and bustle. In the warmth of the sun, alone to enjoy the peace of nature. I need it. It’s my purpose for this trip.

Thank PoPo to take pictures on me when I was walking Kuro.

Lying on the board, feeling the wind face and the wind blowing gently, the sun continuously through the gap between the leaves, on the ground is shown on a piece of mottled. What is the sun? The sun is happy, as long as the sun to find, is to be happy. But how to find the sun, is to rely on their own efforts. At this place, I found the sun. Walk in the afternoon sunshine trail, daylight on the ground cast mottled shadows, your smile is the most beautiful scenery here. It’s the best period today.

The sunset arriving, every happy time is gone so quickly. After dinner, it’s just 7 p.m. that came to an unresistible factor making us finish today.

At final, I asked a question “Is it too early to getting back?”.

The reply hit my head “no, it’s okay”.

To me, definitely yes.